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What I aim to offer

Trust, between client and therapist, a vital ingredient if therapy is to work. Even clients who have difficulty in trusting others come to feel safe enough to share very personal and painful parts of their lives. 

Effective and useful therapy is what I hope to offer so that clients can gain fresh insights and a deeper understanding and acceptance of who they are. This can allow them to go back out into the world with a better chance of living healthier and happier lives.

Learning to laugh, especially about ourselves shows compassion. This word, compassion, may not seem to belong to our busy, daily lives, but in my work with clients, the idea of self-compassion is introduced. We can be very harsh and unforgiving about the mistakes we have made and forgiving ourselves and others can be difficult to achieve, yet it is one of the most powerful and liberating lessons we can learn.

Choice. This is your therapy so we work as a team, making decisions together, a collaboration. This might feel a little strange if someone thinks that I will “fix” them. When you come to realise that your achievements will be down to what you do in and outside of the sessions, they may seem all the more valuable. Together, we discuss and agree on how to tailor our work to meet your specific needs.

Choice of sessions. Clients can also choose to do more than a single or double session. A half day session is also available. This can be useful for people who would like to work through issues without being restricted by the wait for a weekly session or who find regular sessions difficult to organise. 

My experience as a client shows me that we human beings have a great capacity to overcome our difficulties. We hear people say that seeking help is a sign of weakness. Nothing could be further from the truth; it takes courage to face our own demons and to find our way through past and current bad times. Let’s keep in mind that it also takes courage to find and feel happiness.  

"....thank you for helping to make me feel whole again. Those matters from my past that were dysfunctional are not knocking on my shoulder any more and everyday is now an opportunity and the day is not greeted with a sense of dread and fear..." S April 2016

Accredited Psychotherapist | Counsellor | Supervisor
and Europe Accredited EMDR Practitioner

Horsham | Sussex

m: 07732 532 891