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Psychotherapy & Counselling in Sussex

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Why therapy? Why now?

People often look for therapy when

  • they want or need to make a change or a decision but something holds them back
  • facing trauma long ago or recent,
    • (physical, sexual, violence, war, accidents, work related events, disasters)
  • they don't feel good about who or what they are
    • (lack of confidence, fear of rejection, anger, repeating mistakes)
  • they feel overwhelmed by emotions or life events

What I can offer you

  • My services as a mature, experienced therapist; compassionate and non-judgmental.
  • An opportunity to explore how you can live a life not dictated by your fears or your past.
  • Several therapy models, including EMDR Therapy and the use of CBT skills.
  • Sessions in Horsham, West Sussex. Single and double sessions during weekdays, morning to evening. Half day sessions can be taken on a weekend.

If you have any questions about working together, please call me on 07732 532 891.

"I would like to say a massive thank you for all your help and support and most of all for believing in me as a person..." M, Jan 2016

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Accredited Psychotherapist | Counsellor | Supervisor
and Europe Accredited EMDR Practitioner

Horsham | Sussex

m: 07732 532 891